Capture One 22 Pro Multilingual Portable Free Download [64-bit]

By | January 16, 2022

Capture One 22 Pro Multilingual Portable Free Download [64-bit] is software for working with RAW images designed for professional photographers. This Capture One Portable allows you to upload RAW files from common DSLR cameras or photos on your computer.

Capture One 22 Pro Portable Overview

Capture One Portable is an expert RAW converter and photo modifying software program advanced through Phase One. This software program is designed for expert photographers who want to system big volumes of excessive best photographs in a quick and green workflow.

Capture One 22 Portable helps you to modify the adjustment of many local digital digicam RAW document codecs in addition to TIFF and JPEG photo files. Each device in Capture One is designed to provide you with whole manage overall components of the modifying system – maintaining, retrieving, and optimizing all records from RAW files. A huge variety of gear gives a huge variety of opportunities forever.

Capture One 22 Pro

Features of Capture One Portable

Below are a few excellent functions you may revel in after the set up of Capture One Portable please maintain in thoughts functions may also range and completely rely on in case your gadget helps them.

  • Image best: Defining new requirements The new uncooked photo processor engine and precision adjustment and manage gear offer you world-magnificence photographs with first-rate sedation and excessive element.
  • Creating a custom profile: You can create a selected profile to make the vital corrections without problems and with no hassle.
  • Black-and-white photographs With complete management in Capture One, you could create beautiful black-and-white photographs.
  • Has whole gear for photographers: Fast conversion of RAW photographs
  • Utilizing modern-day artwork technologies, Capture One is one of the quickest uncooked photo conversion platforms, taking into consideration a flexible, tactile workflow.
  • Image Correction Quick and smooth conversion of twisted images into healthful images
  • Settings of marked points
  • Ability to edit decided on elements of photographs for innovative and limitless manage
  • The Capture One settings device offers you the energy and precision to create the precise photographs you need.

Capture One Portable Some More Features:

Better shadeation, quicker overall performance, and greater innovative management. Capture One gives wealthy, correct colorations, and continuously enhances overall performance. With a customizable interface and effective gear for organizing, shadeation grading, layer modifying, and plenty greater, you’ll have complete management of each of your photographs and your workflow.

Full innovative manage
Capture One has been advanced with photo best and simplicity of use in mind. Every device is designed to provide you with complete management of all components of the modifying system – preserving, convalescing, and optimizing all records out of your RAW files. The complete variety of gear provides massive opportunities to constantly gain the best results.

Asset Management
Asset control is critical for each photographer, be it control of photographs from men or women’s everyday jobs or big collections with heaps of photographs. Capture One gives gear and answers for each kind of photographer, making asset control simple, fast, and effective.

Color Handling
Capture One is thought for its terrific coping with shadeation. Thanks to our custom digital digicam profiling, each RAW document shines – directly from the digital digicam. Whether you are trying to find innovative shadeation grading gear or need to make sure herbal colorations on your photographs, Capture One provides effective and specific gear to gain your vision.

Detail and Lens Profiles
With photo best because of the riding factor, Capture One is advanced to squeeze each RAW document to the limit, supplying the best stage of information possible. Each supported lens applies a custom-made lens profile, supplying specific gear for minimizing distortion and mild fall-off.

Tethered Capture
Capture One’s Industry-main tethered seize is fast, flexible, and reliable, for images periods in which pace and accuracy are critical. Shoot without delay on your laptop for a nearly immediate viewing experience – without or with immediate adjustments. Enable Live View for less difficult composing whilst capturing still-lifestyles images.

Workflow and Performance
From customizable gear and keyboard shortcuts to portrait acceleration and immediate tethered seize; Capture One is constructed to limit your workload and maximize your efficiency. Design your very own workspace and discover your manner of running in Capture One.

New Features in Capture One 22:

Explore the sector as you notice it
Your photographic adventure is an exploration – of yourself and the narrative you need to inform. It all begins offevolved with getting from your exercises and luxury area and out your the front door – so you could inform your testimonies and exhibit the sector as you uniquely see it. With a multiplied toolkit in Capture One 22, we’re there to aid your innovative adventure – anyplace it could take you.

Multi-row sewing in all directions
Build beautiful panoramic stitches of landscapes, cityscapes, architectural scenes, and greater with top-notch decisions and overall elements from area to area. Produce amazing huge-perspective photographs without warping and distorting corners. And don’t allow the word “panorama” to maintain again your imagination – with multi-row sewing, you could construct an incredibly excessive-decision photo in all directions, providing you with a massive DNG document to paintings that’s completely editable without delay in Capture One.

Capture excessive evaluation scenes perfectly
Combining a couple of RAW photographs with special exposures, HDR Merging offers you an unmarried excessive dynamic variety photo in only some clicks – best for landscapes set throughout dawn or sunset, indoors photographs displaying each an indoor and doors setting, or any scene with huge variations in exposure. Use the total innovative freedom of Capture One’s effective modifying gear to finalize your photo – enhance shadows, create a wealthy evaluation, and plenty greater.

More area to create with Wireless Tethering for Canon
The industry’s quickest tethering goes wireless. With wireless tethering, take photoshoots to the subsequent stage with no cables preserving you again – sense the liberty of greater dynamic shoots, taking your digital digicam to new angles, and having all of the areas you want to create.

Broaden your horizons with Auto Rotate 
Time is money – spare yourself hours of guide rotation on your workflow with our first AI-pushed device, letting you mechanically rotate massive photo batches simultaneously.

Faster filtering, loading, and photo surfing on Windows
Used for organizing big photo collections, Catalog’s overall performance on Windows in Capture One 22 has been closely improved, making it considerably quicker to browse, filter, and seek albums and folders.

Capture One Portable

What’s NEW:

New features

  • Panorama Stitch
  • HDR Merge
  • Auto Rotate
  • Wireless Tethering (Canon)


Catalog performance improvements (Windows)
Browsing performance improvements
Various UX improvements

Feature walkthrough

  • Panorama Stitch
  • Stitch your RAW files into Panorama DNG files with Capture One 22. Create stunning panorama perspectives, achieve super-resolution, or get creative with an extremely shallow depth of field from multi-row stitching – all from within Capture One. The Panorama Stitch
  • The tool outputs a linear DNG that behaves like a RAW file for further editing.

Shooting optimally for Panorama

When shooting for Panorama stitches, consider following these principles for optimal results:

  • Shoot at 35mm or longer
  • Use a tripod, if possible
  • Lock the focus and exposure between the shots
  • Shoot with 20-40% overlap
  • Light fall-off correction
  • Consider if your images need light fall-off correction within Lens Correction before stitching. This will ensure an even transition across skies and other similar areas.

How to stitch
Select the images you want to stitch, right-click one of them and select Stitch to Panorama. A preview dialog will appear, preparing a preview of the Panorama with the selected projection.

Available projections
Depending on the number of images, scene, and field of view your images cover, you can choose a projection of your input images that best suits the purpose:

Useful for multi-row stitching with a large field of view both horizontally and vertically.

Useful for a single row of images that cover a field of view of more than ~100 degrees. Vertical lines remain vertical using this projection.

Perspective projection aims at simulating the field of view of your input images with the corresponding field of view of a wide-angle lens. Useful for scenarios that cover less than ~100 degrees field of view and images captured with technical cameras using tilt/shift lenses.

Useful for architecture where the vanishing point is at the center of the frame. Vertical lines remain vertical and lines going towards the vanishing point remain intact using this projection.

Stitch size
If the resolution or number of input images is high, the resulting stitched Panorama DNG can become quite large. Panorama DNGs that are more than 600 MP in resolution will suffer from poor editing performance in Capture One 22 as they exceed the file size Capture One can cache. A warning will appear in this case. To avoid this performance loss, the stitch size can be determined in four steps: 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. The expected dimensions in pixels are shown as well as the total resolution in megapixels.
Images above 600 MP can still be edited in Capture One 22, but with decreased performance. The maximum supported resolution is 715 MP, and the Panorama cannot exceed 65,000 pixels in either width or height.

Capture One Pro Portable

Stitched file
Once the preview of the Panorama is ready, you can click Stitch and the actual stitching will begin. Depending on your hardware, the number of images, resolution, and projection, the process might take anywhere between 10 seconds and 20 minutes. When the stitching is done, the Panorama DNG will appear next to the input images.

HDR Merge
Get increased dynamic range in your images by merging your bracketed RAW files directly within Capture One. The result is a linear DNG that behaves like a RAW file for further editing.

Shooting optimally for HDR
When shooting for HDR merge, consider following these principles for optimal results:

Shoot 3 images bracketed with 2.0 EV between each image
Use a tripod to avoid significant differences between the images
Make sure that the brightest image has details in the shadows and that the darkest image does not have any burned out highlights
How to merge
Select the images you want to merge, right-click, and select Merge to HDR. A dialog box appears with two options:

Enabling this will apply auto adjustments to the merged HDR file. This will provide an immediate pleasing result with details and natural contrast. The tools included in the auto adjustments are Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, High Dynamic Range, and Levels. These adjustments can be further tweaked or removed after the merge.

Enabling this will align images that are not perfectly aligned. This makes it possible to shoot without a tripod, but it increases the merging time.
HDR merge can also be activated using shortcuts. There are no default shortcuts, so they must be customized. The function Merge to HDR with default will directly merge without the dialog box.

Merged file
Depending on your hardware, the number of images, and the resolution, the merging process might take anywhere between 10 seconds and 5 minutes. When the merging is done, the HDR DNG will appear next to the input images.

Auto Rotate

Rotate all your images automatically with the AI-based Auto Rotate in Capture One 22. Auto Rotate works on multiple images, allowing quick batch corrections.

How to use
Auto Rotate is activated using the Magic Wand icon in the Rotation and Flip tool, or by using the shortcut Alt + R / Opt + R. This shortcut is customizable from the shortcut manager.

Wireless Tethering (Canon)
Tether selected Canon cameras over the wireless network, or even via a network cable. Wireless tethered functionality is identical to tethering over USB. With Wireless Tethering you need one less cable on set, enabling a new and much more dynamic tethered shooting experience.

The following cameras are supported:

Full Support

  • Canon R3
  • Canon R5 (WFT-R10 grip recommend for optimal performance)
  • Canon 1Dx II (WFT-8B adapter recommended for optimal performance)
  • Canon 1Dx III (WFT-E9B adapter recommended for optimal performance)
  • Preliminary Support
  • Canon R6
  • Canon R
  • Canon 5D IV
  • Canon 90D


  • Catalog Performance Improvements (Windows)
  • Loading collections in Catalogs have been improved on Windows. The improvement provides a completely new Catalog experience on
  • Windows, where filtering, loading, and browsing Albums and Folders now feels significantly faster.

Browsing and caching performance improvements
Capture One 22 will utilize more RAM to cache images when available. This results in a better experience when editing large files like Panorama stitches and when browsing between images.

General UX improvements

Capture One 22 includes a handful of general improvements to the UX:

  • Easier access to adding and removing filters in the Filters Tool by using the new plus-icon.
  • The Pick All tick mark in the Importer is now disabled by default, enabling a faster culling experience using the Import Viewer.
  • The Edit All icon has been removed from the default workspace, reducing the risk of users unknowingly disabling it with a confusing workflow to follow.
  • A notification now shows when exporting, merging, or stitching is complete, allowing a quick shortcut to the export folder or file*.

Capture One

New Camera Support

  • Sony A7 IV
  • Nikon Z9
  • Canon R3

New Lens Support

  • Canon RF 50mm F1.8 STM
  • Canon RF 85mm F1.2L USM DS
  • Canon RF 85mm F2 MACRO IS STM
  • Canon EF 70-200mm F4L IS II USM

Technical Details for Capture One 22 Pro

  • Software Name: Capture One 22 Pro Multilingual Portable Free Download [64-bit]
  • Software File Name: Portable Capture One 22 Pro (x64) Multilingual.rar
  • File Size: x64 (566.3 MB)
  • Developer: CaptureOne

How to Install Capture One Portable

  • First of all, check your operating system using (Windows Key + R) type in the search (DXDIAG) and heat OK, and then check your whole operating system.
  • Extract the (Zip, RAR, or ISO) file using WinRAR or by default official Windows command.
  • There is no password, or again if there are needed for the password, always password is
  • Open the installer file by using (Run as Administrator) and accept the terms and then simply install the program.
  • Finally, enjoy your program on your PC/Computer.

System Requirements of Capture One 22 Pro Free Download

Before you put in Capture One 22 Pro Free Download you want to realize in case your machine meets endorsed or minimal machine requirements.

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 7® SP1 64-bit, Windows 8® 64-bit, Windows 10®, Windows 11® 64-bit.
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 10 GB of free hard disk space.
  • Installed Memory RAM: 8 GB of RAM.
  • Processor: Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo or better.

Capture One 22 Pro Multilingual Portable Free Download [64-bit]

Click on the below blue link to download the new latest offline setup of Capture One 22 Pro Multilingual Portable, then enjoy from your software. You can also download Capture One 21 Pro Portable.

Password for file is 123

Download 566.3 MB

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